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RBC on the state of Canada's household wealth

9/21/2022 | Posted in Home Owners by Jessi Sandhu

property-value-108.jpg - Real Estate News Significant slowdown in housing, bond, and equity markets had a major influence on Q2 figures ... More

Demographics a powerful counterforce in Canada's housing market correction

8/19/2022 | Posted in Canadian Housing Market by Jessi Sandhu

airport-immigration-493.jpg - Real Estate News Immigration and shrinking household size will support Canada’s property market through the current correction according to a new report from RBC Economics. ... More

How the Bank of Canada's rate hike will impact mortgages, loans and spending

7/13/2022 | Posted in Mortgages and Real Estate by Jessi Sandhu

bank-of-canada-governor-481.jpg - Real Estate News The Bank of Canada increased its key interest rate by one percentage point Wednesday in the largest hike the country has seen in 24 years. ... More

What the latest inflation data means for the upcoming Bank of Canada rate decision

6/28/2022 | Posted in Interest Rates by Jessi Sandhu

interest-rates-489.jpg - Real Estate News Inflation in Canada grew at a pace not seen since 1983, further increasing the likelihood of an “oversized” rate hike of 75 basis points at the Bank of Canada’s ... More

BMO: Despite surging prices, homebuying interest is actually rising

4/26/2022 | Posted in Real Estate News by Jessi Sandhu

home-buyers-447.jpg - Real Estate News Canadian household budgets are being squeezed tight but buying a home remains on the wish list ... More

Canada braces for higher mortgage defaults

4/21/2020 | Posted in Canadian Economy and Housing Market by Jessi Sandhu

laptop-research-453.jpg - Real Estate News Rising unemployment and high debt is expected to boost mortgage loan delinquencies in Canada, though experts say it won’t play out like the U.S. subprime mortgage crisis of ... More

Canadian Household Borrowing Jumps By 31%, StatCan Says

12/16/2019 | Posted in Financial Health by Jessi Sandhu

worried-businessman-346.jpg - Real Estate News Canadians' borrowing habits are back to where they were before policymakers cooled off the housing market. Lower interest rates are convincing some to borrow more. ... More

2020 TFSA limit announced

12/3/2019 | Posted in Canada Living by Jessi Sandhu

contract-real-estate-mortgage-102.jpg - Real Estate News Contribution room accumulates beginning in the year in which a person turns 18 ... More

Bank of Canada announces interest rate decision

10/30/2019 | Posted in Interest Rates by Jessi Sandhu

bank-of-canada-84.jpg - Real Estate News The Bank of Canada (BoC) announced today that it would keep the overnight rate at 1.75%. ... More

Canadians' wealth reduced as real estate gains are erased

9/19/2019 | Posted in Canadian Economy and Housing Market by Jessi Sandhu

property-value-108.jpg - Real Estate News The average Canadian household was worth less in 2018 than in the previous year. ... More

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