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Canadian banks expected to tighten home equity line of credit access

4/30/2020 | Posted in Canadian HELOC by Jessi Sandhu

big-6-banks-canada-317.jpg - Real Estate News Canadian banks may clamp down on HELOCs to reduce the risk of spikes in sour loans, which the banks are already bracing for ... More

Mortgages Soar For Canadians In Their 80s, 90s

9/20/2018 | Posted in Mortgages and Real Estate by Jessi Sandhu

senior-couple-55.jpg - Real Estate News With new mortgage rules and higher interest rates putting the squeeze on Canadian homebuyers, some have found a new approach: Get the parents (or grandparents) to bankroll your ... More

Home renovations surge

7/27/2018 | Posted in Home Owners by Jessi Sandhu

home-maintenance--repairs-99.jpg - Real Estate News Canadians spent nearly $78bln on renovations last year, but a slower sales cycle could impact that figure. ... More

Why consumers should be wary of using the wildly popular home equity lines of credit as ATMs

6/9/2017 | Posted in Financial Health by Jessi Sandhu

contract-real-estate-mortgage-102.jpg - Real Estate News A federal agency is warning consumers addicted to home equity lines of credit — a product increasingly driving debt — could find themselves at increased risk of ... More

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