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Bank of Canada's Macklem says 'too early' to consider rate cuts

12/15/2023 | Posted in Canadian Economy and Interest Rates by Jessi Sandhu

bank-of-canada-governor-481.jpg - Real Estate News The Bank of Canada’s top official said policymakers will consider cutting interest rates when inflation is “clearly” on a path to the two per cent target, but ... More

What mortgage owners need to know about the Bank of Canada's rate hike

7/13/2023 | Posted in Mortgages and Real Estate by Jessi Sandhu

couple-managing-debt-449.jpg - Real Estate News Following the Bank of Canada’s latest interest rate hike, experts say Canadian mortgage owners will feel the impact of higher borrowing costs, either in the form of higher ... More

Canada braces for higher mortgage defaults

4/21/2020 | Posted in Canadian Economy and Housing Market by Jessi Sandhu

laptop-research-453.jpg - Real Estate News Rising unemployment and high debt is expected to boost mortgage loan delinquencies in Canada, though experts say it won’t play out like the U.S. subprime mortgage crisis of ... More

Millions of Canadians already missing payments due to COVID-19

3/27/2020 | Posted in Financial Health by Jessi Sandhu

debt-payment-463.jpg - Real Estate News The coronavirus outbreak is leading to defaults on credit cards, utilities, and telecoms. ... More

Canadian consumer confidence takes unprecedented slump

3/19/2020 | Posted in Canadian Economy and Housing Market by Jessi Sandhu

worried-businessman-346.jpg - Real Estate News A measure of Canada’s consumer confidence has reported its biggest drop ever amid the COVID-19 pandemic. ... More

Homeowners' spending on renovations falls to 6-year low

6/5/2019 | Posted in Home Owners by Jessi Sandhu

home-maintenance--repairs-99.jpg - Real Estate News Canadian homeowners continue to cut back on home renovation spending in 2019: CIBC Poll ... More

More people are going broke in Canada as interest rates rise

1/9/2019 | Posted in Financial Health by Jessi Sandhu

stressed-couple-244.jpg - Real Estate News It's a worrying sign for an economy that has relied so heavily on consumer spending and the housing market to drive growth. ... More

High debt levels, rising interest rates among challenges for 2019

12/19/2018 | Posted in Canadian Economy and Housing Market by Jessi Sandhu

calculator--analysis--reporting-128.jpg - Real Estate News Canada’s economy will slow down in 2019 with consumer spending impacted by weaker employment, cooling house prices, high levels of debt, and rising interest rates. ... More

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