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What's next for home prices in Canada?

8/28/2023 | Posted in Canadian Housing Market by Jessi Sandhu

home-buying-financing-concept-261.jpg - Real Estate News Interest rates and borrowing costs may be surging - but Canadian home prices are continuing to rise at a rapid clip, according to new data. ... More

GTA market correction has ended says RE/MAX

9/26/2018 | Posted in GTA Real Estate by Jessi Sandhu

greater-toronto-area-88.jpg - Real Estate News The impact of the mortgage stress test is easing and the Greater Toronto Area’s housing market is showing growth – signalling the end of the market correction. GTA ... More

Is the Housing Market Turning a Corner?

8/14/2018 | Posted in Real Estate Market by Jessi Sandhu

sold-home-for-sale-260.jpg - Real Estate News Signs are appearing in the Greater Toronto Area that the worst of the housing correction is now over. ... More

Low likelihood of a serious price correction in Ontario: CMHC

6/14/2018 | Posted in Ontario Real Estate by Jessi Sandhu

marketing-analysys-104.jpg - Real Estate News Current price correction in Ontario housing market does not resemble historical price bust periods according to the latest report from Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation. ... More

BMO CEO downplays housing risk

6/12/2017 | Posted in Real Estate Market by Jessi Sandhu

property-prices-down-71.jpg - Real Estate News The Bank of Montreal's CEO is downplaying the consequences that would come from a possible correction in house prices, saying the real estate market "essentially heals ... More

Why consumers should be wary of using the wildly popular home equity lines of credit as ATMs

6/9/2017 | Posted in Financial Health by Jessi Sandhu

contract-real-estate-mortgage-102.jpg - Real Estate News A federal agency is warning consumers addicted to home equity lines of credit — a product increasingly driving debt — could find themselves at increased risk of ... More

TREB May numbers show a soft month for Toronto real estate market

6/8/2017 | Posted in Toronto Real Estate by Jessi Sandhu

handing-over-keys-to-home-buyers-124.jpg - Real Estate News Home sales dropped in May 2017 compared to last year, but experts say the trend is likely temporary. ... More

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