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Canada on precipice of "household led recession"

10/2/2018 | Posted in Canadian Economy and Housing Market by Jessi Sandhu

housing-market-concept-image-262.jpg - Real Estate News Canada’s economy faces a major risk through the next three years from how debt-laden consumers cope with higher interest rates, according to economists from three of the ... More

Higher interest rates add to home buyer struggles

5/16/2018 | Posted in Home Buyers by Jessi Sandhu

contract-real-estate-mortgage-102.jpg - Real Estate News First-time home buyers already struggling with more stringent mortgage rules have been dealt another blow by an increase this week in the Bank of Canada’s five-year mortgage ... More

Despite weaker sales, GTA condo prices gain 9%

4/17/2018 | Posted in GTA Real Estate by Jessi Sandhu

building-offices-100.jpg - Real Estate News Sales were down almost 30%, new listings were down 11%, but the measure of GTA condos that was higher in the first quarter of 2018 was the selling price. ... More

Housing data doesn't belong under lock and key - Haider-Moranis Bulletin

1/4/2018 | Posted in Canadian Housing Market by Jessi Sandhu

browse-homes-online-135.jpg - Real Estate News What houses sold for in the past is hidden behind an MLS firewall but this may change and enable buyers to make better decisions ... More

In 2018, these homes will sell the fastest

12/8/2017 | Posted in Ontario Real Estate by Jessi Sandhu

canadian-real-estate-markets-62.jpg - Real Estate News With reduced buying power, house hunters will scoop these properties up ... More

GTA sellers face a refresher course in economics

8/25/2017 | Posted in GTA Real Estate by Jessi Sandhu

handing-over-keys-to-home-buyers-124.jpg - Real Estate News The basic lesson: A property is worth what a buyer is willing to pay ... More

Realtors' internal numbers show Toronto home prices fell more than 6% in two weeks

6/21/2017 | Posted in GTA Real Estate by Jessi Sandhu

property-prices-down-71.jpg - Real Estate News Internal mid-month statistics for June from the Toronto Real Estate Board show average prices in the Greater Toronto Area shed almost 6.4 per cent in just two weeks with sales ... More

How to cool a red-hot housing market

4/2/2017 | Posted in Real Estate Market by Jessi Sandhu

real-estate-market-growth-125.jpg - Real Estate News Animal spirits still rule Canada’s real estate scene, working urban markets into a froth. But there are ways to tame them. ... More

The Toronto housing fix: Be careful what you wish for

3/31/2017 | Posted in Toronto Real Estate by Jessi Sandhu

sold-house-23.jpg - Real Estate News With Toronto housing getting harder and harder to afford, governments are under pressure to “do something” – always a dangerous moment. Several ideas are being ... More

Impact of U.S. Fed rate hike - Warning

3/14/2017 | Posted in Mortgage Interest Rates by Jessi Sandhu

make-a-winning-offer-in-a-competitive-market-116.jpg - Real Estate News Locking in a rate before mortgages become more expensive is the best choice at present, as recent developments have pointed at a possible U.S. Federal Reserve rate hike in 2017. ... More

Toronto condo buyers feeling the squeeze

1/20/2017 | Posted in GTA Real Estate by Jessi Sandhu

condos-cn-tower-20.jpg - Real Estate News One of the big surprises of the resale market in 2016 in the Greater Toronto Area was the strength of the condo segment. The shortage of listings in the single-family home ... More

Housing strength now concentrated in Ontario, data suggest

1/17/2017 | Posted in Ontario Real Estate by Jessi Sandhu

map-of-ontario-canada-63.jpg - Real Estate News As Vancouver smarted from its greatest 3-month decline in home prices since 2012, latest housing data suggested that Ontario is now the main contributor of strength and activity ... More

New GTA home prices ease as supply ticks higher

11/23/2016 | Posted in GTA Real Estate by Jessi Sandhu

bild-report-83.png - Real Estate News The Greater Toronto Area saw a slight increase in the supply and mix of new homes in October while average prices declined slightly, the Building Industry and Land Development ... More

No further plans to cool down markets: Morneau

11/2/2016 | Posted in Real Estate Market by Jessi Sandhu

real-estate-67.jpg - Real Estate News In the wake of stricter federal mortgage rules intended to moderate the overworked pace of Canada’s real estate sector, Finance Minister Bill Morneau said that the ... More

Big bank hikes prime rate

11/1/2016 | Posted in Mortgage Interest Rates by Jessi Sandhu

mortgage-cloud-44.jpg - Real Estate News Broker fears were confirmed Tuesday, with one big bank raising its prime rate less than a month following new mortgage rules. ... More

Rental market tightens in GTA

10/26/2016 | Posted in GTA Real Estate by Jessi Sandhu

condos-highrises-101.jpg - Real Estate News There was a 17.3 per cent drop in condo apartments available to rent in the Greater Toronto Area in third quarter of 2016 compared to a year earlier, Toronto Real Estate Board ... More

Housing market correction or 'a whole lot of nothing'?

10/18/2016 | Posted in Toronto Real Estate by Jessi Sandhu

toronto-skyline-93.jpg - Real Estate News As new mortgage rules come into effect that will limit the borrowing power of many buyers, there's uncertainty about the consequence this will have on Toronto's red-hot ... More

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