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Tax advantages driving exodus from Canada's priciest housing markets

2/6/2024 | Posted in Canada Living by Jessi Sandhu

young-family-moving-in-a-new-home-451.jpg - Real Estate News A new report published today reveals that the burden on buyers from provincial governments’ billions of dollars in levies and development fees on new construction, and ... More

Toronto tops survey of country's most popular city to move to

7/19/2019 | Posted in Toronto Real Estate by Jessi Sandhu

movers-24.jpg - Real Estate News Toronto has been ranked as Canada’s most attractive city to move to, according to a survey from finance planning website ... More

Millennials amenable to suburban living: study

4/8/2016 | Posted in Home Buyers by Jessi Sandhu

movers-24.jpg - Real Estate News A survey conducted by the Toronto-based Altus Group last fall revealed that millennials are open to establishing dwellings in suburban areas, contrary to a common perception that ... More

Looking to change the look of your home? The best design and reno books by Karl Lohnes, Canada AM's design expert

4/13/2015 | Posted in Home Owners by Jessi Sandhu

home-design-renovation-12.jpg - Real Estate News Whether taking on a renovation project of your own, hiring a professional or planning to redecorate this spring, here are some of the most helpful and informative books on the ... More

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